• Any Software, Any Time, Anywhere

    Our cloud platform allows your business to have completely custom web based software capable of managing your entire business, simple or complex, in an astonishingly small timeframe.
  • CRM that is easily customised

    Most business owners manage their customer base from their mobile phone contact list or a spreadsheet. Today's technology never applied to them as the costs in implementation far outweighed the potential benefits. Using our cloud platform the high costs are removed from the equation.
  • Actian Enterprise-grade Integration Suite

    The answer for integration, migration, syncing, validation, standardization or enriching your data
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Cumulus Technologies

Cumulus Technologies is the Market Development Partner (Distributor) of Actian DataConnect and Cloud Application Solutions throughout Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam. Cumulus Technologies can enable rapid connectivity between virtually any application, SaaS system, cloud, or data source/target. Offering traditional licencing for on-premise software or cloud based pricing for utilising Integration as a SaaS.

The need for complete and timely access to all relevant data as well as the need for confidence in the quality of that data is critical for every business. Incomplete, out-of-date, untimely, incorrect, or otherwise inaccurate data can have costly consequences in the operational aspects of the business, as well as in other areas such as regulatory compliance or financial reporting. Traditional approaches to the collection of necessary data, and methods of ensuring data quality are expensive, error-prone, and impractical for fast-moving industries. Organizations have been using Pervasive's Certified solution to rapidly and cost-effectively resolve key data integration and data quality-related business problems.

Here are just a few of the scenarios where Cumulus Technologies can help:

Rapid transformation of disparate data from geographically dispersed sources into a compatible format. Standardizing and transferring data to Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, other databases with over 200 connectors for greater data control and efficiency. Fast connectivity between back-office ERP/accounting systems to ensure information is available for better decision -making and improved business planning. Rapid on-boarding of new customers/trading partners and the enablement of data flows between them.

Our Cloud Platform


Our web based platform that gives clients completely custom web based software systems, built specifically with their processes in mind. Clients can customise to be anything from a CRM, a sales and data management tool to a complex ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software suite capable of managing an entire business.

We provide a platform that can be custom built in a fraction of the time with minimal up front expenditure and a small per user monthly fee.

Being a multi substrata product, our product can be utilised in a cloud, on premise or hybrid environment on desktop PC’s, laptops, tablets, phones and any other device that has a web browser and an internet connection.

The platform has been designed with ease of customisation in mind. There is no need for any complex I.T. knowledge to customise or build business workflows and intelligence. The developer interface is simple, friendly and easy to use, while still offering a huge range of complex features like workflow automation, integration with third party products, data import and export, event triggering, reporting and graphing tools and more. Cumulus is completely Australian owned and operated so you know that support is both local and readily available.


Some of the advantages of our platform over traditional custom built applications by a software developer are:


Get up and running in as little as 1 day 

A proven platform in use by many businesses

Add your own new fields, areas and sections instantly

Affordable with minimal up-front costs 

Ongoing support and upgrades included

Traditional Software

Software may take 12 to 24 months to build

New software products must go through a bug testing/fix process

 Changes and additions can take weeks or even months

Costly, usually upwards of $100k

Updates to new technology will have a project cost associated



Fast, agile and collaborative

Existing software platforms require highly trained personnel to modify and implement them, so alterations or additions can be costly and time consuming requiring expert consultants to action. In addition, such products are all based on the foundation of a Customer Management System which may not be the core focus on your business or workflow. This complexity means ‘off the shelf’ systems can become very cluttered and difficult to use. Our platform is fast, agile and collaborative.


The platform is highly flexible and agile. At any time you have the option to add or remove data fields, workflows and sections within the system in order to build your ideal software package, without interrupting other users or having to force them to log out of the system while changes are made.

Any software, anywhere, any time

Our platform has no limits, and has been used to build a huge range of applications including :

  • CRM (Client Relations Management)
  • Quote, Purchase Order and Sales Management
  • Scientific data collection and analysis
  • Inventory Management
  • Project Management
  • Accounting
  • Case Management
  • Point of Sale
  • Health Theatre Management
  • Financial and wealth planning
  • Sales cycle monitoring
  • Phone support desk management
  • Insurance underwriting
  • I.T. support centre management
  • Project planning and management
  • Event and venue management

With the platform your business will become fast to action, agile in its processes, and collaborative with your clients.




Winning and retaining customers is one of the most important factors for companies to succeed in todays business environment. Utilising CRM helps organisations build long-term relationships by delivering a customer experience that is personalised, proactive and predictive across whole of business.

Intelligent customer engagement 

The engagement process is unique to each customer, Cumulus offers a solution that can be adapted for each customer requirement. An intelligent customer engagement enables your organisation to build trust, loyalty and insight with your customers. Cumulus enables your organisation to deliver a customer experience that surpasses all other offerings.

Personalise engagement by creating full spectrum outcome-focused processes that assist your organisation in engaging your clients.

Proactive Engagement with your customers allows you to predict the best possible solution that suits your clients.

Predictive engagement by utilising reporting and business intelligence within your CRM organisations are able to identify customer requirements and forecast outcomes.

What is CRM?

CRM is our customer relationship management (CRM) solution that enables companies small or large to effectively market, sell, manage and care for their clients anywhere, any time. We provide insights, business intelligence and productivity tools within one solution in a multi substrata environment.

What can a CRM do for my organisation?

CRM helps nurture client relationships and satisfaction which in turn increases profitability of your organisation. CRM automates business processes, helping to reduce business costs and increase staff productivity. 

We offer CRM apps and platforms that enable your organisation to manage your customer relationships on any device and via any social media tool.

Flexible Tools for Every Scenario

Comprehensive data integration tools for data migration, data aggregation, ETL (extract, transform and load), application integration (EAI), B2B integration, IaaS and much more.

Actian integration tools for cost-effective extraction, transformation and flow of data between sources throughout the organization--on a continuous, event-driven or regularly scheduled basis. Designed to be easy-to-use, our integration tools are functionally designed for the appropriate role - i.e. Business Analysts can design workflows and connect data sources easily and safely. IT Operations can deploy and manage integrations and server resources, while Admins can control access to the tools and integrations and manage corporate governance policies, all from the same UI.

When speed to solution counts, Pervasive delivers:

  • Actian DataConnect - Design on-premise, deploy where you choose, manage on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Actian DataCloud - Design in the cloud, deploy where you choose, manage in the clou

For more information, see the Actian DataConnect or Contact Us.

News Feed

Recorded demonstration of Actian DataConnect Data Quality and Validation

The recording of the demo I just completed for a client in Malaysia can be found here...

If you have any Data Quality or Data Validation needs for your integration project we @Cumulustech can help.

Actian DataConnect v10.5.1-37 Released

Both Windows and Linux updates are available. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to access the latest version.

Latest v10 Data Integration Demo

Fast Frictionless Data Integration with Actian DataCloud

New Data Integrator 10.2.8 Released today

What's New in This Release

This new version of Data Integrator has the following goals:

  • Release of Data Quality Validator
  • Improve general usability and stability

These goals are explained in more detail under the following topics.

Data Quality Validator

Data Quality Validator is a new feature in Data Integrator 10 for applying business rules to data to improve its quality and increase business productivity.


Data Quality Validator includes the following features:

  • Test for blank and missing data
  • Match data strings to patterns to validate fields
  • Parse and compare number, date, and time values
  • Build true/false tests ranging from simple to sophisticated
  • Filter passing or failing records

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