Data Integration

What's Your Integration Challenge?

With more than 5000 organic integration customers and multiples more than that through partners, Pervasive has unparalleled expertise in recognizing and addressing every integration pattern.

Data Conversion and Migration- Did your business just buy a new software package, and you need to get the old data into the new software? Or, do you make software, either hosted or on-premises,and need the competitive edge of being able to get customers up and running fast?

ETL and Data Aggregation - Do you need to consolidate data from disparate sources into a single version of the truth?

Data Quality Governance - Do you suspect that you have problematic, error-filled data, but don't have any visibility into how bad those millions of records might be, or what to do about it?

B2B Data Exchange - Do you need to trade data with a business partner in some complex standard format?

Application Integration - Do you need your front-office applications to share information with your back-office applications?

Cloud Integration - Do you wish that integrating your new Web application with old on-premises applications was a browser-based service that's as easy and painless to use as a Web app?

Embedded Integration - Do you distribute or host your own software, and want the competitive advantage of making migrating data into your app, or synching with other apps, part of the package?