Specific Industry Integration Solutions

Pervasive helps solve data integration challenges for businesses in a wide range of industries, organizations in the public sector and independent software vendors (ISVs). Pervasive tailors solutions for businesses of all sizes, from small companies to Fortune 100 enterprises.

Pervasive understands that the right solutions for our customers are based on both technical excellence and a deep domain knowledge of their industries, including markets, special IT needs, standards, regulatory issues, rapidly changing economic conditions and other factors. We help our customers develop carefully tailored solutions to provide increased ROI, greater business flexibility and competitiveness, enhanced revenue opportunities and a lower total cost of ownership.

  • Healthcare +

    Solutions for Healthcare Interoperability

    Healthcare providers, payers, revenue cycle managers, technology vendors, and claims processors alike are experiencing tremendous challenges in today's economy. Organizations are under pressure to deliver better service, comply with stringent government and industry regulations, and keep costs contained.

    For more information, see Healthcare Integration

  • Financial Services +

    Integration for the Financial Services World

    Financial services organizations are under extreme pressure to operate more efficiently, comply with governmental and industry regulations and manage intense operational scrutiny - all while providing increasingly better customer service. And because incomplete or lost data can cost you revenue and maybe your reputation, Data Quality has become more important than ever to the financial services industry.

    Pervasive Data Profiler improves IT productivity, avoids costly rework and speeds ROI with the fastest profiling engine on the market. Forget time-consuming, error-prone manual checking for transactional data assurance.

    There's a lot riding on your data. Make sure it's accurate.

    Pervasive Data Profiler enables you to quickly and easily:
    • Isolate irregularities
    • Quantify business rules violations
    • Identify null sets or values
    • Ensure data compliance with 100% testing of data, not just sampling

    For more information, see Financial Services Integration

  • Public Sector - Government and Education +

    Public Sector Integration Solutions

    Data integration for city, state, regional and countrywide government entities can be particularly challenging. Applications typically cross industries - for example, healthcare, law enforcement, utilities and transportation. Government systems include a tremendous variety of data sources including mainframes, PCs, paper and digital record, with a high concentration of legacy systems. Cost is always an issue and government IT budgets are especially constrained in difficult economic times.

    Pervasive has a long history of providing integration solutions for:


    UK Commission for Employment's investment in Salesforce and Pervasive provides information accuracy, consistency and visibility. Gets data from 13 locations in 5 minutes, not 5 days.
    View the Case Study

    CGI-AMS Advantage Integrates with 44 Los Angeles County Sources Via Pervasive. Saves time and cost with efficient processing.
    View the Case Study

    Public Health:

    PeopleForce Uses Pervasive to Bring 200 New Jersey EMS Groups into NEMSIS Compliance. Turns "world's ugliest data" into leading edge first aid tracking and analysis.
    View the Case Study

    CSC and Pervasive Deliver Real-Time HIPAA Medicaid Processing for the State of New York. On time, under budget HIPAA compliance for 4 million consumers.
    View the Case Study


    Killeen ISD Uses Pervasive to Build Data Warehouse from Informix SQL, Alpha Cluster, HR, IBM DB4 and HTML. Gets 90% efficiency gain and current daily student information.
    View the Case Study


    NCDetect Turns ASCII, XML, Access, Excel, and Unstructured Data Into Good Public Health with Pervasive. Standardizes data from 350 entities for early detection of health risks.
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    And many more.

  • Defense +

    Defense Integration

    Logistics, intelligence, and a lot of other functions essential to the national defense require data, tons of it, in an amazingly disparate variety of formats and widely dispersed geographical locations. Pervasive has been helping integrate and crunch through that data for more than 20 years.

    And, that's about all we can say about that.

  • Energy - Oil and Gas +

    Oil & Gas Data Integration

    The need for complete and timely access to all relevant data as well as the need for confidence in the quality of that data is critical for every sector of the Oil and Gas Industry.

    Incomplete, out-of-date, untimely, incorrect, or otherwise inaccurate data can have costly consequences in the operational aspects of the business, as well as in other areas such as regulatory compliance or financial reporting.

    Pervasive's Oil and Gas division has been providing solutions to the energy industry for over 15 years. Organizations such as BP Fuels, ExxonMobil, Marathon Oil, and Air Liquide have been using Pervasive's SAP-Certified solutions to rapidly and cost-effectively resolve key data integration and data quality-related business problems.

  • Telecommunications +

    elco Industry Data Integration

    Communications companies face unique integration challenges, particularly with complex operational systems, customer acquisition and loyalty initiatives, provisioning, revenue assurance and other key priorities. Companies in this sector must be able to integrate and understand massive quantities of data, which often travels via international networks and is subject to constantly changing contractual agreements and complex business rules.

    Pervasive integration solutions can address everything from hard-to-reach legacy data to emerging SaaS applications. Across a wide array of data sources and formats, we can integrate your systems.

    Pervasive has a long history of helping communications companies address their integration needs.

    Telecomm Success Stories

    Telecommunications leader calls on Pervasive Data Integrator when migrating new customers' data. Easy-to-use Pervasive toolset quickly, reliably moves data from competitor systems for faster, more dependable billing.
    View the Case Study.

    Esterline Racal Acoustics Improves Sales Pipeline Visibility, Forecasting with Pervasive Data Integrator. WinMan ERP, Salesforce CRM integration leads to more reliable, accessible customer data.
    View the Case Study.

  • Manufacturing +

    Manufacturing Industry Data Integration

    Manufacturers are under intense pressure to improve profitability, contain costs and boost quality - challenges made more difficult by large volumes of complex data, disparate systems and extended supply chains.

    Manufacturers need to access and integrate their data internally and with their partners so that they can increase efficiencies, improve quality and compete better in the global economy.

    Pervasive has a long history of providing integration solutions for manufacturing corporations such as Esterline Racal Acoustics, Protective Industrial Products, Dermalogica, Remington Arms, Honeywell, and Air Liquide.

    Manufacturing Success Stories

    Esterline Racal Acoustics Improves Sales Pipeline Visibility, Forecasting with Pervasive Data Integrator. WinMan ERP, Salesforce CRM integration leads to more reliable, accessible customer data.
    View the Case Study.

    Poly-Asia e-Technology, Pervasive improve PIPHK's business opportunities in global economic downturn. Using Pervasive Data Integrator for EDI integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV creates significant value and benefit for both PIPHK and its partner PIPUSA. Errors have been reduced and efficiencies at both organizations have improved.
    View the Case Study.

    Honeywell - Pervasive Aces SAP R/3-Salesforce CRM integration. Honeywell needed a fast, easy-to-use data integration solution to bring SAP ERP information into Salesforce CRM and chose Pervasive Data Integrator.
    View the Case Study.

    Air Liquide Large Industries - Pervasive meets demands of complex pipeline optimization project. Air Liquide Large Industries' integrated system uses Pervasive Data Integrator to consolidate historic and real-time data providing a view of data trends and usage patterns.
    View the Case Study.

  • Retail +

    Integration for the Retail & Customer Packaged Goods Industry

    Retail and CPG companies are always under pressure to improve operational efficiencies and maximize profitability. In industries where every tenth of a percentage point of profit margin is a hard-won battle, efficiencies within the company and throughout the supply chain are critical.

    Retail and CPG organizations are faced with massive amounts of data, tremendously complicated supply chain operations and a wide variety of information sources.

    Pervasive has been helping retail and CPG companies deal with their integration problems for years.

    Retail Success Stories

    Dai Nippon Printing and ForeFront Leverage Pervasive Connectivity for Fast Reliable Data Synchronization Between JD Edwards and Exact Macola ES. Pervasive and ForeFront provided Dai Nippon with a single, accurate view of data and saved them id="mce_marker"00,000.
    View the Case Study.

    L'Occitane calls on Pervasive Partner Poly-Asia e-Technology to Improve Supply Chain Integration of ERP and POS Systems. Frees up resources, reduces costs and improves sales efficiency.
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    Forefront and Pervasive Bring B2B, Improved HR, Data Quality and BI to Saker ShopRite. Grocery chain gains strategic business advantage.
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