ETL, Data Conversion & Data Migration

On-ramping data into new applications is a common challenge. Pervasive provides solutions that end users can implement to get up and running quickly with new software, or vendors of applications can embed to make new application adoption simple. Deploy new applications faster with Pervasive, while dedicating fewer resources to data conversion and data migration projects.

Often multiple data sources need to be aggregated into a single application, operational data store, data mart or data warehouse. Pervasive ETL software reduces development costs, increases efficiency and reduces risk for a wide variety of data aggregation projects. Pervasive has the flexibility for database consolidations, data synchronization and propogation, data replication, as well as the essential plumbing underneath MDM, CDI and BI projects.

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  • Data Migration & Data Conversion +

    In With the New Data

    Legacy and homegrown systems often house critical data. With mergers, acquisitions and new business development, this data often has to be integrated with new or expanded environments, a challenging and expensive necessity. Many organizations resort to custom scripting, which might gain access to the data, but tends to break easily over time, and come with a high maintenance price tag.

    Pervasive Data Integrator provides organizations with direct access to legacy data, built-in productivity tools and an easy-to-use development environment. Pervasive solutions allow noninvasive access to data, across many hardware platforms, applications and operating systems.

    Pervasive also offers full OEM and rebranding capability for independent software vendors looking to embed or bundle import migration capability as part of their products. Make it as easy as possible for new customers to adopt your software.

  • ETL & Aggregation for BI +

    Better Data for Better Decisions

    The desire to refine and derive solid business intelligence (BI) from the vast amounts of raw data in today's enterprises is an ongoing challenge. The demands of nonstop enterprise projects require all levels of management to assert an increasing amount of control over this raw data and fashion it into meaningful business metrics that will guide present and future decision-making.

    Pervasive's powerful ETL software offers easy-to-use interfaces that help reduce development costs, increase integration efficiencies, minimize the impact of system changes and reduce project risk. Both smaller organizations and large corporations can build the business intelligence capabilities they need to stay competitive in today's tough business environment.

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