What does #1 in Cloud Integration mean? It means that back in 2001, when Salesforce was looking to start their integration program, they called Pervasive. Pervasive worked with Salesforce to create their very first integration connector and develop their API for others to use to develop connectors. It means that when you look to someone who helps define "integration," you see Pervasive.

Pervasive can help you speed delivery and drive down management cost of complex integration projects with hosted Integration as a Service (IaaS). Pervasive Data Integrator is a design-once and deploy anywhere integration solution. Deploy on-premises, on the Cloud, or even in a hybrid/distributed mode.

Seamlessly, pull SaaS applications together with hosted integration. Bridge firewalls to reach on-premises applications via FTP or HTTP, via WSDL or other Web Services, or via our small-footprint Integration Agent.

  • Cloud-Based Data Services +

    Design, Deploy, Integrate in the Cloud

    With Pervasive Data Integrator's flexibility, scalability, low total cost of ownership and accountability, businesses can speed deployment , minimize the impact of system changes and new user requirements, and reduce project risk. Design interfaces are easy to use and administer, so they can help increase the productivity of staff members regardless of skill sets and levels.

    Fast implementation and deployment reduces the cost of the entire integration process.

    • Immediate application-level connectivity
    • Scalable projects for strategic infrastructure development
    • Visual design process eliminates the need for costly and slow custom coding
  • SaaS to Everything +

    Cloud to Cloud / Onpremise / Both

    • High-performance data throughput via configurable, multiplatform Integration Engines
    • Improved data relevancy through real-time capture and update services
    • Centralized management of distributed ETL processes for increased efficiency
    • Near linear throughput scaling on multi-core processors via Pervasive DataRush Invoker
  • Saas ISV Hosted +

    No Software to Install or Maintain - Ever!

    • NO Per Connector Fees!
    • Business-critical data integration across organizations
    • Integration support for legacy and new systems
    • Connectivity to semi-structured exchange formats, and unstructured data
    • Connectivity to SaaS and on-premises sources even across firewalls
    • Flexible connectivity to almost any data source
    • Fully extensible connectivity
    • World-record processing performance
  • Agents +

    Reach Even Behind Firewalls

    Pervasive Data Integrator can provide the same integration, transformation, and connectivity power in a hosted environment. Design once, and deploy on-premises, in your data center, in a hybrid/distributed configuration, or on the Pervasive DataCloud powered by Amazon.

    • Any integration use case; B2B, EAI, SOA, ETL, Migration, Embedded, ...
    • Connectivity to virtually every SaaS and On-premises application or data source
    • Fast implementations, typically in days or weeks
    • High performance to handle massive data volumes
    • Dynamically and immediately scalable for fluctuations in usage levels
    • Fully Web service enabled
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Pervasive can provide data services such as data profiling, analysis, transformation, and lookups in a hosted delivery model enabled by Pervasive DataCloud. Make use of high end, high performance hardware, and the extreme processing speed of Pervasive DataRush without investing in massive infrastructures.