Crush Massive Data Loads at Record-Breaking Speeds

Pervasive data quality tools all have the Pervasive DataRush platform underneath the covers, making them the fastest profiling and matching engines on the planet. In addition, when you need an extra boost of data crunching horsepower, DataRush can be seamlessly dropped into integration processes as a plug-in.

Pervasive DataRush is a way to automatically parallelize any JVM -based application that's been blowing away world record data crunching speeds on cheap commodity hardware. Not to mention doing it with a green savings of 162 times the level of power efficiency of the previous record holder.

  • Scalable. Dynamically scale your performance with increased core counts. Add more cores and your application's performance increases!
  • High Throughput. Parallel dataflow technology enables fast, deep analysis of large data sets with no limit to input size.
  • Cost Efficient. Get the highest possible performance from commodity multicore servers and SMP systems.
  • Easy to Implement. Allows fast implementation while hiding the complexity of parallel programming.
  • Extensible. A fully extensible platform so you remain in control of development.

For more information, see Pervasive DataRush

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