Integrating Your On-Premise and Cloud Applications

Pervasive application integration software features real-time, event-driven and message-based infrastructure for the cost-effective integration of multiple applications, both within and outside the organization. Pervasive integration platform includes direct, native connection to hundreds of application API's and their underlying data formats out-of-the-box.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Pervasive also supports asynchronous and SOA style EAI, including service bus (ESB)-based and Web services-based architectures. Pervasive is the best tool for message queue on-ramps and off-ramps for any ESB, and enables point-to-point exchange of XML, text or any other message format between applications via SOAP/WSDL, REST, or other web service interfaces. Pervasive integration solutions are transport-independent, and compatible with virtually any standard queuing system.

  • CRM Integration +

    Customer Data is Gold

    Pervasive offers the best integration software available to bridge your company's data with your CRM platform. We also have professional services to help you get your CRM integration job done right.

    We provide out-of-the-box connectivity to thousands of different applications and data sources to automatically connect your CRM data with your in-house systems. And best of all, with visual mapping and process design tools, our integration solutions are simple to use. With Pervasive's high scalability and real-time integration ability, your business will make a fast transition to your new CRM system, or synchronize data between your CRM and other business applications, without data loss or other risk concerns.

    CRM Success Stories

    Microfinance Information eXchange Speeds up Data Flow with Cloud-based Integration. MIX leverages the Pervasive Data Integrator engine running on Pervasive DataCloud eliminating the need to deploy integration software locally.
    View the Case Study.

    Med Journeys Information Integration for the Future. Faster integration build and automated import of salesforce data with Pervasive DataCloud.
    View the Case Study.

    Customer Connect, Pervasive Services Group integrate Glovia accounting data to Microsoft CRM WSDL solution, Pervasive Data Integrator and Customer Connect's CRM expertise speed completion of complex project.
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  • ERP Integration +

    Better Planning With All the Data

    Integrate ERP systems with other front and back office applications in a fast, efficient and cost-effective way.

    Pervasive allows noninvasive access to any data, across hardware platforms, applications and operating systems. Integrate ERP systems with legacy systems, e-commerce, CRM, unstructured data and more. Pervasive connects to virtually everything, giving the ERP system the interconnectivity it needs to provide the maximum benefit to your company.

    ERP Success Stories

    Ceridian Solves the 'Three Cs': Complexity, Change and Compliance with Pervasive Data Integrator. Reduces implementation times from a year to a few weeks and takes control of customer experience.
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    Dai Nippon Printing and ForeFront Leverage Pervasive Connectivity for Fast Reliable Data Synchronization Between JD Edwards and Exact Macola ES. ForeFront provided Dai Nippon with a single, accurate view of data and saved them.
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    Softrax-Pervasive partnership propels multipurpose integration sales. Softrax selected Pervasive agile, embeddable integration to address the thorny issues of 'last-mile' integration. With Pervasive, Softrax is expanding sales.
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  • SaaS Integration +

    Integrate SaaS as Easy as On-premise

    The Challenge

    The key to effectively leveraging a SaaS investment is delivering real-time integration between SaaS applications and other enterprise applications and data behind the corporate IT firewall. It's important that the integration delivered is flexible and scalable - with reusable components and as little high maintenance custom code as possible.

    Pervasive's Solution

    The Pervasive integration platform comprehensive set of data connectors and intuitive designers help organizations of all sizes rapidly build integration processes that adapt to change while delivering the lowest cost of ownership. Pervasive SaaS integration offers:

    • Flexible¬†integration plaftorm for real-time, scheduled or event-driven¬†application integration
    • Out-of-the box adapters for many existing SaaS applications, as well as hundreds of on-premise data sources
    • Extensible connectivity and XML support to leverage virtually any web service API
    • Cloud Integration hosted in a SaaS data center or in the Pervasive DataCloud
    SaaS Success Stories

    Ceridian Tax provides hosted payroll and HR services in 45 countries and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) in over 100 countries, with 9000 regulations that must be tracked and constantly updated. With Pervasive, they reduced new implementation times from a year to a few weeks and gained a single consistent small footprint platform for all of their customers.
    View the Case Study.

    Hosted software, Daptiv PPM, aggregates and analyzes data from a range of siloed systems. Daptiv embedded Pervasive integration to create Daptiv Connect, which handles complex siloed data, getting Daptiv PPM integrated with customer systems 15 - 30 times faster.
    View the Case Study.

    UK Commission for Employment's investment in Salesforce and Pervasive provides information accuracy, consistency and visibility. UK National Standards organisation gets data in hours, not weeks. Current, standardized Information for improved decision making and reporting.
    View the Case Study.

  • Orders to Cash +

    No More Late Payments

    If you have disparate systems and data silos used by Sales, Fulfillment, Distribution, and Accounting, orders-to-cash integration could be your weakest link.

    Slow, inefficient trading partner data exchanges hurts the smooth transition from orders-to-cash: they slow efficiency, and they hurt customer satisfaction.

    Pervasive Integration's resources can help ensure that orders-to-cash processes are strong.

    • If your orders-to-cash process sometimes results in late customer payments and trouble in your sales process, Pervasive Integration can improve your outcomes.
    • If poor data quality leads to billing errors and tangled customer service and support, Pervasive Integration can help clean up the data mess.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions +

    Buy Smart? Devil's in the Data

    So you bought or merged with a company. Besides revenue and technology, there are many other questions to consider and issues to address to ensure that it was a good decision.

    • How do you measure success?
    • How do you assign all those new accounts to your Sales Reps?
    • Is their CRM data clean, complete, intact?
    • How do you merge their customer data with yours?

    Each new acquisition brings in another IT department that selected a number of applications to store and process company data, records, business processes, and more. Success for you means that you have an integration platform that's powerful and extensible enough to handle connecting to any of the thousands of applications or endpoints out there, do it easily, and not charge you for each connection you make. Pervasive's Data Integrator provides hundreds of out of the box connectors and adapters that connect natively to thousands of applications, as well as a connectivity platform (Universal CONNECT!) that you can use to connect to virtually anything else (proprietary, etc.).

    For more information, see Pervasive Integration Platform and Universal CONNECT!.

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