The Case Management system will give you the ability to manage cases and provide access to your cases for external parties.  Updates for cases, comments, and new cases can all be entered by customers and partners.


Cases are created online by clients or uploaded in bulk via csv or through the web service API.


Cases are automatically assigned to a specialist to manage. Email notifications as well as displaying on their dashboard the status of all the cases they manage.




Updates from specialist assigned to the case can be accessible by clients and provided email notifications. As soon as a case is updated the client is notified and or updated by their choice of notification. Comments and attachments can be added to case. 


If a case has not been updated with the Service Level Agreement then it can be escalated. Daily case notifications can be set to ensure all priority cases are being managed



Different styles of reports can be shown on the dashboard to provide you with the information you need once you login.


Not only management reports but customer reports can be created and automatically emailed on a regular basis.